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On Line Registration Links

The easiest way to renew your registration or register as a new person with a team in North Carolina is to do it with USMS's secure online registration system.  The system requires a payment with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  The terminology used for the North Carolina Masters Swimming Club's (NCMS) teams are called Workout Groups (see below for a more detailed discussion). There are also other clubs in NC independent of the NCMS Club

If you are renewing, just use your 5 digit permanent ID, which is the last 5 digits of your registration number, i.e., 138A-02222 where the 02222 is the permanent ID. You will have to verify your date of birth, and use the same name you used previously on your registration card, the system will prompt you and is simple to use.

The secure links to register on line with North Carolina can be found for each of the workout groups by clicking the links for your choice of workout group, NCMS club with no workout group, or unattached are shown in the section below:

When you register online, you will have the opportunity to print your registration card and option to have the NC registrar mail you one, there is no waiting to get your 2018 number and card if you print it yourself. Please consider printing your own card to save our LMSC the cost of envelopes and postage, thank you. Please make sure your email address is correct, you will receive a receipt for your registration as well as a welcome letter.

If you are already registered and need a copy of your registration card, you can print one if you have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system, just go to the link and enter the proper information: USMS Website Print USMS Membership Card webpage.

If you need to change your email ID or mailing address, please go to the USMS Update Membership Information webpage and change your profile or send a note to the North Carolina registrar, email

You can still register via paper (click here for form), there is a generic North Carolina Masters Swimming registration form available as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file.  There will only be a generic registration form available for 2018 so that you will need to specify the workout group or club you want to join.

Please allow up to 2 weeks to process registrations via paper forms due to mail delivery and registrar availability and both pages must be completed

2019 Registration Season starts November 1st, 2018. The 2019 registrations will be valid for the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019, the fee will be $53.
You must use this form for 2018 form, not a prevous year's form, it will be returned because new wording is required for 2019 registrations and there was a $2 fee increase for 2019.

2018 Your North Carolina Masters Swimming Newsletter, Across the Lanes, will only be available online and you will be emailed to you quarterly.

Workout Groups and Clubs, what are my options to join

North Carolina is one of the many LMSC (Local Masters Swimming Committee) organizations in the US that has within its boundaries, one club which can be considered a "super club", that one big club is the North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS), which has many teams, or as USMS formally recognizes them - "workout groups".

These workout groups are the teams you are familiar with, such as SwimMAC, Raleigh Area Masters, Asheville Masters Swimming, SwimMAC, etc. (all of them are shown below). If you want more information about each of the teams and a contact point, view the Masters Swim Teams in North Carolina web page, there you will find links to each teams web page, contact name and phone number, and a direct link to registering with the team.

In North Carolina, when a swim meet is held, NCMS Club swimmers compete among themselves as teams of these "workout groups" and the meet is scored by "workout groups". Likewise if you belong to club other than NCMS, you compete for that club. NC also allows NCMS club swimmers to band together at an in-state meet as a NCMS team and form relays to see if a record can be broken for a relay. For any out of state and national level meets, everyone that is not registered as unattached or with another club in NC must compete as members of one club, NCMS, since "workout groups" are not formally recognized out of our state boundaries. In NC, there are many swimmers who belong to NCMS, and do not specify a "workout group", similar to being unattached but still having the ability to easily transfer to a "workout group" without charge or in a meet, join a relay team of other swimmers in the NCMS club. Registering as totally unattached will prohibit you from participating on a relay, as you must belong to a club to be a member of relay, and in North Carolina, it is North Carolina Masters Swimming Club.

Trial Memberships
U.S. Masters Swimming provides short-term guest memberships to prospective members who wish to “try out” a Masters swimming program, to participate in workouts or clinics only (NOT to swim in meets or open water race events) as long as the club or workout group will allow "try outs".
1) Tryout memberships are limited to one per lifetime regardless of club or workout group.
2) Tryout memberships are limited to 30 consecutive days in length.
3) Tryout memberships are for workouts or clinics only.
4) Tryout memberships cannot be used to participate in swim meets or open water race events.
5) A Tryout membership provides secondary personal accident coverage to the participant while participating in the USMS activity.
The try out form can be found at:

Year 2019 Form pdf format

A generic form listing all North Carolina Masters Swimming Club's Workout Groups and Clubs

Transfer Form. to transfer from another LMSC to North Carolina or from a NC club to anothe NC club. There is not fee to transfer within NC Workout groups.

NOTE: if you are undecided, the LMSC for NC recommends joining the state club (NCMS) instead of registering totally unattached, which will allow you to easily transfer to a NCMS Workout Group in the future without paying a fee. It will also allow you to compete on Relays both in and out of state with all other NCMS Club members.


North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS) - The large state team, with no affiliation to a specific workout group (chapter).

Workout Groups of North Carolina Masters Swimming Club - NCMS club's teams called workout groups with the online registration system

Asheville Masters Swimming (AMS) - Asheville, NC

Charlotte SwimMasters (CSM) - Charlotte, NC

Childress Klein YMCA Masters (CKY) - Charlotte, NC

ClubWorx Masters Swimming (WORX) - Fuquay-Varina, NC

Carolina Aquatic Team (CAT) - Durham, NC

Colony Masters (COMB) - Winston-Salem, NC

Durham Area Masters Aquatics (DAMA) - Durham, NC

E3 Aquatics (E3AQ) - Triad Area, NC

East Carolina Aquatics Masters (ECAM) - Greenville, NC

Enfinity Aquatic Club (EAC) - Winston Salem, NC

Fort Bragg Masters (FBM) - Fort Bragg Military Base

Gaston Gators Swim Team (GG) - Gastonia, NC

Greensboro Community YMCA Masters (GCYM) - Greensboro, NC

HAWK Masters UNCW (HAWK) - Wilmington, NC

High Point Swim Club (HPSC) - High Point, NC

Hillsborough Aquatic Club Master - Hillsborough, NC

James J Harris YMCA Masters (HARY) - Charlotte, NC

Lake Norman YMCA Masters (LKNY) - Cornelius, NC

Lowes YMCA Masters (LO) - Mooresville, NC

Marlins of Raleigh (MOR) - Cary, NC

Masters of Raleigh Swimming Association (MRSA) - Raleigh, NC

Mecklenburg Swim Association Masters (MSAM) - Charlotte, NC

North Carolina Aquatic Masters (NCAM) - Chapel Hill, NC at UNC-CH

NOMAD Aquatics Masters (NMA) - Huntersville, NC

One Step Beyond Cary Masters (OSBC) - Cary, NC

Patty Shoaf Coaching Masters (PSCM) - Durham, NC

Raleigh Area Masters (RAM) - Raleigh and Cary, NC

Sailfish Aquatics Masters (SAIL) - Concord, NC

Smoky Mountain Aquatic Club Masters (SMAC) - Waynesville, NC

Sports Center of Morehead Masters (SCMM) - Morehead City, NC

Stingray Aquatics (SAM) - Matthews, NC

SwimMAC Masters (MAC) - Charlotte, NC

Triad Masters Swimming (TMS) - Greensboro, NC

Twin Rivers YMCA Masters (TRYM) - New Bern, NC

Triad Endurance and Aquatic Masters (TEAM) - Wake Forest University Salem

YMCA of the Triangle Area (YOTA) - Raleigh, NC

YMCA Seahorse Swim Team (YSST) - Hickory, NC

Register with other 2018 clubs in NC   note: if your club is not shown, they have not renewed for 2018

Carolina Swim Club (NCSC)- Cary, NC

Life Time Swim NC (LTNC) - Cary, NC
   *Life Time Swim Raleigh Work Out Group (RALE) - Raleigh, NC

USA Masters (USAM) - Cary, NC

The Adobe Acrobat Reader, a 5 Megabyte program that is free to use is required to view and print the individual team forms. The Adobe Acrobat program is a defacto standard for viewing printed images, and is highly recommended as a tool that each user should have on his personal computer. When used, it will print the document exactly as the designer planned, and the file size that is Register withed is relatively small compared to other types of images. Generally, either Firefox or Internet Explorer will automatically Register with and then start the Acrobat Reader to display the registration form.

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is a 5MB file that takes awhile to Register with, but it can be obatined from the Adobe Web Site, (it's Free) Get Acrobat from Adobe More detailed instructions on how to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be found on this site by clicking here

If you are already registered with US Masters Swimming for 2018 and wish to transfer from another LMSC to North Carolina, complete the transfer form.

If you are already registered with a workout group of North Carolina Masters Swimming and wish to change to another workout group, please contact me via an email at

North Carolina Masters Swimming Website

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